Tuesday, November 23, 2010

27 Things Before 28

I finished my first list!

Don't mock the fact that I'm really, really excited about this. Remember this list? I did mine even though my birthday was a few months ago. (If you're interested Elsie just posted her 28 before 29 list). So here's mine:

Since it's probably near impossible to read my handwriting even if you click through I'll type it out neatly here for you to read through. (I will never be one of those neat handwriting types. I won "best handwriting" as a superlative in middle school and almost cried because I knew it was a complete lie. Even at 12 my handwriting was just as horrible.)

27 Things Before 28
1. Finish writing my book
2. Re-design my blog (and become a real blogger)
3. 30/30/30 Challenge
4. Start (and maintain) a book club
5. read 12 books
6. Get a new camera
7. learn to sew
8. Finish my wedding scrapbook
9. Go see a concert in another city
10. Visit 3 cities. FOR FUN
11. See Boys Like Girls. Twice.
12. Finish 2 mini books
13. photo shoot with my friends
14. wrist tattoo
15. design my back tattoo
16. Make someone something special
17. Throw a killer bridal shower
18. Visit Meag, Dave, Bob and Aly in NYC
19. Get settled in the new house
20. train to row
21. Plan a getaway with Champ
22. Wrestlemania (I already have tickets)
23. Get good with photoshop
24. Tattoo photo shoot
25. Plan a killer dinner party
26. Go dancing
27. visit my family

Now it's just a matter of crossing things off before August 22, 2011.


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