Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010

I think I've said it before, but I am a giant geek. I love all things geeky and in 27 years I've finally come to grips with that. I'm okay with dressing up for a convention. Hell, I'm okay with attending said convention. Last year I went for fan-girl purposes, and this year I went to have fun. My friends were there, Jacki, her sister Jessi, Cressie and Gina. Plus I made new friends while I was there.

So for the first post, we'll focus on the friends.

Cressie! Dressed as Kaylee from Firefly (the best show you didn't watch. I recommend the netflix if you aren't watching it yet).

Pam and Sookie
Jacki and Jessi as Pam and Sookie from True Blood.

Steampunk Alice
Jacki and Jessi again as Steampunk Alice in Wonderland. Jacki (on the left) is the Cheshire Cat and Jessi is the Mad Hatter.

All dolled up
Cressie on the right in one of her other costumes, this time dressed as Innara from Firefly (again...why aren't you watching it yet?). She won the Whedonverse Costume Contest!!

Rocket girl tries to blend in with cosplayers
There's me in the mix on the right. I got asked my most of my friends who I was cosplaying in that outfit, but I kept reassuring them it was just Rocket Girl, my internet persona (so in a sense...me)

Katy and Gina
Waiting in line for the True Blood Panel with Gina. Here I've got my hat with ears and the Triforce logo (a Legends of Zelda reference).

I'll take the spartan
I don't actually know Russel the Spartan...but damnit I'm going to pretend I do.

And finally...I cosplayed too as a resistance fighter from Terminator.


Resistance Fighter


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