Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August Commit 2 Paper

I've got tons to show off this week so get your google reader in gear.

I'll start off my Tuesday with some layouts, even though I know everyone is itching for Dragon Con photos (those will come later!)

I was a little wary about the August Commit2Paper kit, but more because I've had mojo issues lately and not because it's a bad kit. Turns our that whatever mojo I'd lost? I found it again.

August C2P: on parade

The colors lend great to a set of photos from a Fourth of July parade, and the stars were just too much fun to cut out with the Slice.

August C2P: In a well
For this layout I used the sketch provided from Color Combos Galore though not the color combo itself.

I've been busy working with these older photos (this one using photos from freshman year in high school), which is good. I never scrapbook anything in order, which to me makes it more fun. I actually looked back through one of my albums the other day that was full of different themes and papers and I just really love the way it looks.

August C2P: Love you
Gotta toss in that love layout whenever I can. Plus it's just fun to play with wedding photos.


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