Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo fun

I'm a huge flickr person. I love that website. Most of my photos go there because it's easier to share and then easier to use to host for photos I put up here on my blog.

Not too long ago they aligned it with picnik to edit photos. This was a god-send for me because I'm always cropping down my photos of layouts for posting.

Tonight boredom struck in the worst sort of ways. I was feeling creative, but had no urge to write (trying to work on that novel) or to actually make the ATC cards I'd started after I let my kitty play with the piece I needed and saw to it that I'd have to cut up more frames for my cards.

Photo editing to the rescue! I needed some new icons for a character in one of my games so I opened that photo up and started actually looking at the other tabs in picnik that weren't "crop", "resize" and "sharpen".

Lo and behold I found some fun stuff that you can use on the site for free (more if you pay to use it). So check out what I made:

Katy and Gina edit
I used the "cross exposure" on this one and then messed around with the "teeth whitener" touch up (might have gone a little overboard as I did that part after the over exposure). But great huh?

stylin' edit
Used that cross exposure again this time with a focal blur as well. Love the way this looks.

jedi youngling edit
Started with an orten effect, then added in the cross exposure and some softness.

Easy huh? I just messed around and now I want to mess around with wedding photos too. Maybe later...


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