Sunday, January 6, 2008

sneak peek + musings

A little sneak peek at a LO i just finished last night. Trying something different, something a little...outside the box. Pulled the idea from Catagory Stories blog challenge. Which I grabbed off lara's blog. Scrapping about toys. fun stuff. Also the picture for my 365 self portrait. Day 5. So far so good. I've missed getting a few shots in before the midnight mark, but i've gotten them in before bed. To me, it's still the same day.

So perhaps a post a day was a little hasty. As usually on the weekends I don't have time to do a post a day or anything worthwile to post here about (since this is supposed to be about the art...right?). I did get two more LOs finished up the past few days so I'll work on getting those posted up later this week. Here's hoping right. The scrap space still needs a disgusting ammount of work done, but it's getting there. Right now i'm spread out all over the coffee table. Sad as well I haven't had much time to do a lot of work with the two swaps I've signed up for, plus the LRS dec kit. Hopefully this week though.


hepmomto3 said...

Can't wait to see the LO! One of these days I'll get a pic of my sb space. YIKES!

Geri said...

I love that you are jounaling on the layout... years down the line, your handwriting is something your kids/grandkids will want to see.. I know that sounds corney... but I find it comforting when I come across an old paper and see Daddy's handwriting. Sorta makes me feel connected to him.

lara said...

i wanna see the hair!

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