Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Not a bad shot for Day 2 huh? love my eyes here.

I enjoy these flah pictures. I don't know why. I guess i like what comes up around the edge of the the picture. They are fun to scrap too because they have so much light. Maybe that's just me. Hoping to get some good scrapping done and some even better uploading this weekend. Be prepared!

there are more pictures (some rejects for the self portrait and my project 365 photo at flickr)


clkr97 said...

Cool pic Katy. I signed up for the email from Photojojo also. I thinks its interesting doing the 365 photo, seems like alot though, I'll try it. Happy New Year girl!!

hepmomto3 said...

You have such big eyes. How cool. I love big eyes. Logan's are like that. Excellent pic!

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