Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ring in that new year

First day of the daily picture. It's Ed from work. We had sparkling cider to ring in the new year. I took my self portrait too, but don't feel like posting it as Ed is cuter. it's at rocket girl though (the "rocketgirl" link off to the right).

Last night i played a long with some of the "scrap in the new year" challenges after getting home from work. Ok maybe kind of not really. I did the card (which i'm going to send to someone sweet...who wants it?) and then i started up a LO. By then it was about 330am so I decided I should go to bed. Hopefully some more stuff in the AM before work. HOPEFULLY. If not major scrapping on Thursday when not hanging out with best friend and her husband (and boyfriend when he gets off work).


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