Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding: the dress

I've been avoiding posting these photos for a variety of reasons, the best being that my face is so not appropriate for having put on my wedidng dress. But since some of you have asked here's the dress from when I tried it on:


It's not going to have those little straps, but rather a beaded sheer cap sleeve (although this week I'm considering taking that part off. They just hook on so it wouldn't be a huge issue.) I can't remember if the veil have I have on is the actual veil i got but it's at least that small or smaller. I wanted something simple to not distract from the back of the dress which is really busy (with a train and emboridery and lacing...)


GMS said...

i so love your dress. :)

you could always wear the cap sleeve for part of the day and remove it for part of the day (like a lot of brides do with their veils)

kT said...

yea i know. i'm just not sure if i want it at all. i gues i'll just gauge it on how i feel. haha.

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