Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LOs: April C2P

I finished a few projects with the April Commit2Paper kit!

A cute Easter card:
These papers weren't my usual style, so I felt like I had to strech myself some. Of course that made it easier to tear more paper and ink all over things.

Amy's puppy Jenny, giving her best "fierce" face.

Friends at ABC (Atlanta Brewing Company) one weekend. I actually had a ton of fun with this layout.
Some detail of the tag with ABC on it.
Thanks for looking!! I've got the rest of my layouts photographed, so expect more this week!


amy said...

ray was uploading last night and he said "what? where did she find that pic of jenny?" and i looked at and almost burst into tears. thank you for creating such a beautiful piece about our little bitchy girl.

kT said...

i love that picture! I consider Jenny, Muppet (and Forrest) my dogs anway, they just don't live with me.

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