Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wedding: baker, caterer and dresses

The bridesmaid dresses are in!! I picked up Jesse and Aly's as soon as I got into town this weekend (They have the two odd out dresses so I guess theirs shipped first) and today when I got up I had an email from the store saying that the other three are in. As it's Easter Sunday and no one really believes me that David's will be open no one will let me sneak out to go get them today, but hopefully Mom will pick them up tomorrow or Tuesday.

So now I'll have five navy dresses hanging next to my wedding dress in my closet at home. My shoes came in as well so those are also stacked in the closet with everything else. One of the last times my parents were in Atlanta, I happened across a Georgia Tech garter at the GT bookstore. I'd not seen one before, but I imagine it's a spring/summer thing they only have out part of the year. I wasn't sure if that's what I want, but I didn't want to miss out if a change my mind or something so I grabbed it (it wasn't too expensive) and that's in the bag with my veil.

I also met with the baker this week and had a really great meeting. I showed her my little scrapbook embellishment and she was so excited about it and of course already had ideas. I think the whole thing will be rather simple but still elegant. Which excites me to no end as that's sort of the look I was planning for the whole wedding.

We had a quick meeting with the caterer who is a family friend and giving us a great deal (full meal buffet for just $19 a person? that's including like prime rib or something I dunno it was a good deal). Mom was excited to save some money I was just excited to be out of the woods for finding a caterer. Now I need to pick a menu (not hard, but Champ wanted to be involved in that decision). The caterer's daughter actually is getting married this spring and little brother is playing in her wedding (with the piano player he plans on getting for my ceremony). I'm a little anxious that I'm not as involved in the music as I'd like, but I trust Josh and I'm sure he'll do a great job.

Whew. sorry about all the updates. I just needed to get my head around it.


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