Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb Photo a Day, Days 11, 12, 13

I got a little behind in posting up my photos. Sorry about that! My parents were in town and they took up a lot of my time.

Day 11 - Something that makes you happy

Two somethings!

First, I found a cool star napkin holder at IKEA and I love stars. It's was silly but for $2 it made me smile.

The other part...well he always makes me happy. So Champ gets added into the mix

Day 12 - Inside your closet

My closet is a mess. It's actually spilling out of the closet in a pile of shoes. But that's my life. And cleaning it up first would be cheating right?

You can barely see them, but my doc martens are there. I'm so cool.

Day 13 - Blue

It's blue + cookies I made for Valentine's Day tomorrow. And yes that's a rocketship. I promise it applies to Valentine's Day.


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