Sunday, February 5, 2012

30/30/30 Outfit 4

30/30/30 Outfit 4-2

It was baby shower day and Super Bowl sunday! I wanted to glam it up a little because for some reason people get really dressed up for baby showers. I don't have a kid so I don't understand this, but if I was pregnant and carrying around extra weight I'd be very much in favor of a comfortable and casual party. No such luck though. So out I busted the floral dress.

It was another beautiful, not winter day, which meant, kid you not, I was comfortable in the sleeveless dress. Nuts right?

30/30/30 Outfit 4-3

It was the first 'cheat' too. This morning when I got dressed it was still cool enough for a jacket and since I was trying to be dressed up? I went with the little jacket over it rather than one of my cardigans. The jacket gave it more structure, which it needed to dress it up some.

30/30/30 Outfit 4-1

floral dress
leggings + pseudo military jacket + boots


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