Friday, February 3, 2012

Q&A With Robert Schwartzman

A little bit of pre-explanation on this one. I've been a fan of Robert Schwartzman since before the first Rooney album came out. I've got to admit, very much enjoyed "The Princess Diaries" which he was in (yep, that one) and while watching MTV2 at some point, they were doing a 'bands to watch' specials. They brought up Rooney, pointed out who the lead singer was and then told me I had to wait a year for the album. I kept the name in mind, waited around and finally got my hands on their first album.

I've seen Robert perform with Rooney twice and now he's just finished up a solo album, "Double Capricorn" which is available on his website. Make sure you check it out!

Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you have any specific sources for when you're feeling dried out? What are they?

Robert: I get my inspiration from listening to music and taking in new ideas, reading plays, books, new content.  Kind of like Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit, "need more input."  But when I start writing I usually sit at the piano or pick up a guitar and just follow music, whatever starts to happen.  Like jumping in a raft and heading down a wild river.  I find writing to be very healing and comforting, so it helps me with problems in my life or when I feel out of my body.

What's your favorite thing about "Double Capricorn"? What are you hoping listeners take away from the album?

Robert: My favorite thing is about Double Capricorn is this whole process, making a solo album, producing it, playing all the parts, releasing the album independently, looking for ways to help promote the music, making the music videos, etc.  I'm really enjoying everything that comes along with making albums and releasing them.

Can you tell us more about the Tibetan Healing Fund and how you got involved with it?

Robert: My friend who's a Tibetan Monk and doctor of Tibetan medicine started a charity called the Tibetan Healing  He lived with my family for almost 4 years while he received his masters in public health from UCLA.  He returned to Tibet the summer of 2010.  I went to visit him last May and again in September.  After seeing the work he's doing and what he's put together, and the amount of people he's helping, I felt I had to get involved.  I was already in the process of making Double Capricorn.  I thought it would be great to donate all the profits from the release to the charity, music for a greater good.  So far, fans are really taking to this concept and the support has been incredible.

Anything new on the horizon you can tell us about?

Robert: I have some new music videos in the works for the singles off the album...coming soon!  I leave in mid March for a tour of the west coast, kicking it off in San Francisco on March 15th.  I recently produced an album for my friend's band called Lots Of Love.  I'm very happy with the way it's turned out.  I'm releasing it on my label, California Dreamin' Records, in the next few months.  Keep an eye out.  More music to come!

You can pick up the album, as well as find out more about the tour at !


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