Friday, February 17, 2012

Video for "Misery" by The Maine

As if The Maine wasn't giving the world enough of their darker side with the Pioneer album as a whole, they decided to throw out all the stops for their first video off the album. The video is for "Misery", which I must admit after I kept the album in the car for a good three weeks, was one of my favorite tunes. It's a dark song, hitting a chord in feeling that not many artists since Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill era have really been able to master.

But The Maine nails it.

And then releases an extremely dark video to go with it.

First things first, I like the video. I love the dark feel, the look of pain in Kennedy's face with they cut to him stuck in the car, that way that John's propensity for oversized undershirts seems to actually fit the moment. I love the way it's shot.

My complaints lie somewhere with the fact that we don't see much of the other guys outside of dark shots inside the car they can't get out of, and I can almost see the fan girl fic that's going to come across my computer screen about John being tied up. (Face it, bad fic is out there. We do best to just accept that and move forward.)

Still..the feel is perfect. It's intoxicating to watch, fire and pain mixed with depression and angst. Great video. Really great video.


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