Monday, September 5, 2011

Camp Kudzu 2011 - Part 3: Photography Dimensions

For the teens a camp we've started putting them in these "Dimensions" programs between dinner and their evening activities. The options vary from Arts and Crafts to High Ropes. Then we randomly assign counselors to the different activities and we get to watch the kids who aren't our normal campers have fun. I typically do the High Ropes course stuff because I love hanging out with the staff that runs it and it's such a cool thing for the kids. This year though they added a new Dimension, Photography and since I love that staffer too, I used my pull and got my name in that hat.

It was really cool to see what he taught them and to hear them talk about the different things. I wound up with a bunch of girls from my cabin, which was fun, getting to see them try and take better pictures throughout the week as a result and I got tips for myself. At the end we set up a mini studio and someone declared me model so they sat me in a chair and took my photo a million times. It was fun and Brantly, another staffer, had my camera, so I got home to a couple of gems. I really liked these and immediately changed my facebook picture.




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