Friday, September 16, 2011

Is Today Over Yet?

Meag re-posted my lost generation post on her blog. She liked it so much she decided it needed to a be a guest post for her blog. I was a little amused but pleased. I even offered to write something else but she liked it enough to re-post. Who am I to stop her?

Find of the century last night:

Yup. Giant Archiver's theme crop going on in the Mall of America. GIANT. I can't explain how thrilled I was to find that. Too bad I'm here for work and I couldn't participate. But they were having an 'outpost' sale which was full of cheap deals and I might have gone and splurged. Though I made out pretty good (like an inch thick stack of Basic Grey paper for $25?). Now to drag it home from Minneapolis.

On the topic of that, I'm really, really needing it to be the weekend. This has been a terribly long two weeks, with this one being worse than the last. I'm very ready to be going back to Atlanta. (Though the how is interesting and will earn it's own post I'm sure.)


Meaghan said...

I partially feel like I cheated with the guest post... :)

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