Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Century Releases Acoustics EP

This Century released an acoustic EP today and I'm going to unabashedly admit that i grabbed it off iTunes not long after midnight when it came out. I'm biased, the song choices are some of my favorites, including "Hopeful Romantic" and "Sound of Fire", but that doesn't take away from how good the songs sound acoustic.

While most of This Century's music is simple, not over done like bands tend to these days, trying to add more in that doesn't need to be there, it's even better broken down to the bear bones. It's completely lovely, soothing music that eases through you. It's daring for someone to take on such raw music, needing the talent to back it up and these guys have it. Especially "Sound of Fire" which full band is such peppy song, but on this EP it's breathtaking.

Worth the $4.95 for sure. Go pick it up on iTunes!


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