Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Concert: Evanescence

I love shows, but it's been a while since I've been to one where I didn't have some deep love for one of the bands playing. This show though, was my best friend Gina's favorite band, Evanescence, and her Christmas present from her husband: a night out with their best friends, seeing her favorite band.

I've always like Evanescence, but somewhat high level. I'd seen them ages ago when I was still in college and they opened for Seether. I knew they would put on good show, because back then I'd been amazed and they weren't to the level they are now. So even though I was certain I'd only know the few songs that were on the radio, I knew that it'd be worth the time.

I was disappointed that I'd never even heard of the openers (I have higher expectations for myself these days I guess) but as soon as the first band, Electric Touch, started I was hooked. They had a good beat, something upbeat and testing that pop rock sound while holding true to something older (very obvious when they covered "Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones and got the crowd jumping). Their energy was through the roof, especially for a first opener and bringing in a medley of covers, which included covering The Rolling Stones and Foster and the People, gave a little nod to their mixed heritage. I have to say, I was tweeting after the first song that I was hooked, but more entertained to find them tweeting me back the moment they got off stage. I'm eager to see what they can do when they have a different crowd that might be slightly more in tune to their music and they get some more fans under their belt. They are touring this summer with Hot Chelle Ray, so that should be a good start.

(Electric Touch...did not have the good camera with me sorry)

Rival Sons was up next and I had done more research on them, only to find more than one person compare them to "classic rock". That gives one pause since classic rock is a time gone by, but Rival Sons might have gotten their hands on it. On stage the reminded me of Stillwater from Almost Famous though their lead singer moved an awful lot like William Bekcett from The Academy Is… Their sound was like Led Zeppelin for their upbeat numbers and like the Black Crowes when they slowed it down. While they had moments of losing the crowd during their longer ballads, part of that can be blamed on the crowd. They were there to see a bass heavy goth rock with a powerful female singer and a classic rock sound that echoed through the 5th minute of a song is going to lose the crowd. Still, they were brilliant and have a sound that the music industry has long since forgotten.

(Rival Sons)

Evanescence has a presence that really can't be explained until you see them. Amy Lee looks so unassuming, a pretty girl in a exquisite dress and from the balcony it's not like she's very tall. The moment she opens her mouth though and it's paired with the strong guitars and base line from the rest of the band, it's hard not to get completely sucked into the music. I haven't been keeping up with Evanescence as a group as well as my best friend has, but I do know enough of their songs to really enjoy the show. There was something additionally awesome though about watching Gina get completely sucked into the show. I wonder if that's what I'm like at shows (I'm guessing maybe). That was probably the best part, sharing that with my best friend, that moment of being lost in music you love so dearly.


Even towards the end, as Amy is out there alone with just the piano they'd rolled out for her, and she was saying she'd lost her voice, there was no way she even faltered on notes. I'm forever amazed by her, how she can move around so much and how she can sing like that with such power. I can barely sing along in the car and not screw up (I definitely don't try on Rock Band, that's all Gina). I'm not sure where she thought she wasn't doing a great job, because "My Immortal" almost had tears in my eyes. A solid showing, all around. And I'm definitely checking out Electric Touch after this.

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