Monday, January 9, 2012

Album Review: "Laugh and the World Laughs With You..." by Chest Rockwell

You know Bowling Green, Kentucky. The non name town that got a bigger dot on the map lately because of Cage the Elephant (I have a friend who lives in Scotland who has actually said, more than once, that she wants to visit Kentucky. I lived there for three years and I have no idea what's wrong with her). Bowling Green never had much to offer me, but it has become a safe haven for musicians. There's always been talent there. Sleeper Agent, another BG band, is starting to make a name for itself and now I'm giving you another hot spot of talent from the sleepy town I lived in in high school.

Meet: Chest Rockwell.

They just released a new EP Laugh and The World Laughs With You… which you can pick up on their bandcamp page. You can stream it there too, which I strongly recommend.

I, begrudgingly, admit that I actually jumped out of my skin when "Black Reign" started. Like jolted form the massive hit of drums to start the song. I was instantly giving the computer a dirty look for scaring me, thinking "wouldn't it be fair if I could just inch my way into this" but that's not the case. It's a loud welcome to the group. I looked into it a little more and I laughed at myself for being surprised. Their drummer, who've I've watched play for a good 10+ years has always played like that.

It's no surprise to me that the EP is laden with tracks that sing deeply of talented musicians, the band is full of them. i know I can vouch first hand for at three of them. They were good when I was lurking in the background of a crowd in high school watching them play. It's a roller coaster ride of an EP, up and down in mood and tone, taking the box and blowing out a different side of it with each track. While it all sounds like themselves, each track sounds different and unique from the first. Each track shows off something else that they have that other bands either don't or don't have the guts to show off.

It doesn't make sense to say I was both surprised and not, but that's how it was. I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much and I wasn't because, hey, I know these guys. I know to expect good things.

Add another to list of what Bowling Green can give the world (that almost sounded like a compliment for that town…don't' judge me).

Since the guys don't have a twitter (GET ON IT), here's a treat. 12 years ago I watched 4/5 of them play in an elementary school gym, a one time deal, never to be seen again. I scrapped the photos not too long ago (another one of my hobbies) just because I loved it so. So here you go, a bonus treat.

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