Monday, January 30, 2012

Music for Monday - Mansions

Starting a new thing as best I can try to remember to post it, featuring a band or artist on Mondays for you to check out. You might not always love it and I'll try and keep up some variety (and not post about my five favorite bands), but give it a shot. See what happens. Maybe you'll find something that speaks to you. (Which really, to me? That's the point. Finding music that speaks to you.)

This week's choice is Mansions. I was doing some research for the upcoming Young Statues show (they deserve their own post, expect that later). I'm way too excited about that show, but I didn't want to stand there confused through the other two groups and then spend the entire time only enjoying one band.

So I gave Mansions a shot and I've go to tell you, I was more than pleasantly surprised. They have a great sound, and that's not even counting my bias for them, being that they're from Kentucky (I have an odd attachment to these KY bands. I blame having lived there.)

Mansions - "City Don't Care" from Cluster 1 on Vimeo.

They have a similar feel to Young Statues, that same sort of Death Cab For Cutie under current without sounding whiny. "City Don't Care" is beautiful. It's music that needs to be on television shows that care about music like The O.C. used to (yes, I did say that in a way that takes that show seriously). It's something you can put on and drive for miles, lost in the music and the changing landscape.

Put it in, lay back and drink in the sound. Stream their stuff off their Facebook page then check out their twitter.


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