Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Album Review: "Empty Sky" By Vultures

Being past my loud angry music phase for the most part, I could tell from the first listen through of the Vultures EP, Empty Sky (which is a name I really like), hit me as one of those collections of songs that really, really needs to be seen live. There's something to be said about screaming lyrics that just work so much better live.

That said, the EP rings true to what hard rock should be, what it needs to be. Strong guitar lines are back with powerful drums, so much that the longer musical interludes become my favorite parts of the songs. My favorite track on the album is "Medicate the Masses" which, even without the lyrics, has a feel that lives up to it's name. And by the end of "Never Good Enough" I'm imaging myself cheering "I'll never give up" right along with it.

I feel like the EP itself doesn't quite give the band the right feel, that it would be something, like I said, you'd have to see live to really, truly appreciate, but at the same time, the EP Is a great taste of what it's store for a live show.

Pick up and stream the EP on their bandcamp page.

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