Friday, January 9, 2009

Wedding - China

We did our registries today (!!) and made final decisions on our china etc.

So here's our formal china; it's called Library Lane by Kate Spade. It's rather simple but worth it for the accent plates.

Our casual china is really plain but we figured it would be easy to pick up seasonal accent plates to go along with it. And it's very us, which I liked about it. It's called Aspen by Crate and Barrel.
(registries are at macy's, crate and barrel and bed bath and beyond. whew. we were in BBB until 10:15 or so which was nice of them to let us stay late even though they had closed already.)


Heidi said...

very pretty picks!

i didn't know kate spade made's gorgeous. we didn't register for formal china because we figured we would never have an occasion to use. so far after 6 years of marriage, i don't regret the decision to leave it off the registry!

kT said...


I was contemplating not getting formal china but i thought about and i do like the idea of trying to class up my friends a little bit. haha. I love having people over and cooking. *shrugs*

Heidi said...

lol! when we have family/friends over, i break out the paper plates because i can't stand the thought of cooking AND doing the dishes!!! i guess i class everyone down!! :)

Geri said...

Oh I love the pattern with the dots around the edges.

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