Thursday, March 19, 2009


I apologize that I seem to have totally neglected this blog (life has picked up on my personal blog instead). I'm going to be better about that. For starters a quick update in case anyone out there is still reading:

1. Wedding plans are moving much smoother. I've found a caterer (granted we haven't heard anything official yet, but I like this one and I'm willing to just go for it). I have a dress. We've also ordered the bridesmaid dresses and they should be here at the end of April. Save the Date cards should be all addressed and in the mail by this weekend I hope. Now I'm working on music for the reception (ie a DJ) and I'm hoping to get the ball rolling on invitations soon. Sheesh.

2. Today's Champ's 26th birthday !! Am so excited!!

3. We had a wedding website, but a snafu with the bank forced them to change my debit card # and then the website locked me out. ARGH. As soon as that get's fixed I'll post up the link. Hopefully it won't cause too many issues and I won't have to re-do everything. I still had another few hours left of work on it so that it looked presentable when the guests started looking at it on the save the date cards. Re-doing the whole thing would be quite ridiculous and take up an entire day.

That's about it! I've got some new layouts I'll post up later this week.


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