Monday, May 11, 2009

Scrapping: May C2P kit

We've been without internet and cable at home (I know, toture) and this weekend I managed to get quite a few layouts done, in addition to being home sick. (stupid cold)

I tore through the May C2P kit (which if should be available at the end of the week!) which was completely lovely and fun to work with.

C2P: A formal Affair

I'm never entirely happy with the first layout I do with a kit. I feel like this one ended up to busy now that I look at it. The photos are from way back when (see that ex boyfriend there) at a Band Formal at Tech I went to in 2003 with my band friends (I think I got to go because I was in concert band). It was a fun time even if it was silly. I cherished that photo at the top of me fixing David's tie for a long time (you can see the ring he wore that I gave him which was probably the main reason).

C2P: Pretty

At this point I feel i hit my stride. I love these photos of the girls from my friend Kevin's wedding in Florida last may and the pink of my dress was just perfect with the pink of paper. I actually ended up scrapping a bunch of these photos.

C2P: nothing like a day at the beach

I love how the simplicity of this one just put the whole thing together.

C2P: love

This one is a little different with the paint and etc, but I was going for messy. I think it turned out all right.

C2P: the tripod

More shots from Kev's wedding this one with Kev actually in it. This was sort of a sad LO for me to make, knowing we aren't as close as we used to be, but this is the last shot I have of the three of us looking like best buds (seriously Kev is similing. I'm not kidding he always looks like that in photos unless he's making some sort of face).

C2P: Bowling Green

Simple, but it gets the point across.

C2P: I love you

Champ and I again. I try to do at least one random LO with each kit about us (two this month!) so that I can put them in our album which I'm hoping will be on display at the rehearsal dinner/reception.

I've noticed my style has started to lean towards simplistic and minimalistic. I always feel like there isn't enough on the page but then if I add something else it feels busy. Odd isnt' it? Granted I think I'm getting into that bare-bones of scrapping: pictures + story. Now if I could get the same effect in the rest of my life.

I got some more done with the latest little red scrapbook kit (which is so vintage!) and I need to photograph those. Hopefully I'll get them up to flickr at least by the end of the week.

Thanks for looking!! (as always feedback is greatly appreciated)


GMS said...

i like the way your scrapbooking is leaning. i LOVE the one of you and champ where you painted the little squares. so putting that in my lift file. :D

Robin (ddcdragonfly) said...

These are darling Katy. I especially love the black one with the curved pp.

Jen said...


kT said...

Thanks all :) i appreciate it!!

Missus Wookie said...

Your style is similar to mine so of course I like it :lol:

Love that strip of paper with the printed curve and the messy blocks.

Cute dress too.

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