Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding: Favors, Photography and Music - HELP!

I'm stuck.

I've been wracking my brain for a cute idea for wedding favors and I can't come up with anything creative and fun. I need the blog world's help. Someone please, anyone, give me some advice. I've seen a million and one cute ideas, but I need something to spark and I need to hear that someone just loved something.

In addition I need some tips on photography. Certain photos that we should def include in our "must have taken" list. Also suggestions where we should have the bulk of our kT and Champ photos taken would be grand as well.

Finally I'm calling the DJ (actually here and just a second) and I need some advice with music lists so that I have an idea of what I want to add to my playlist before i start digging through, what I'm sure is an enormous collection he has. (Kudos to the DJ for having an online playlist tool!) Recs for cocktail/dinner music (think jazzy romantic, Michael Buble', the Rat Pack, Harry Conick Jr. and etc), dancing music (nothing too hokey!) and general stuff.

Thanks so much!! <3


Meaghan said...

So, basically we should plan your reception for you? ;) I'll let you know when I figure those things out for myself!!

Also, delegating the music to the groom is always a good idea (Erik is psyched to have something to do!).

chantarelle1984 said...

the last wedding i was in did a fun concept to collect music - everyone made a mix cd for either the bridal shower, hens night, kitchen tea or bucks night/day and then the music from those mixes was used to create the fun dancing music and the 'background while eating' music
it was a good starting point for Suze so she could get an idea of what people (other than her and Joe) actually like listening and dancing too - so maybe that might help?

and my favourite wedding favours are still sugar cookies in the shape of the initials (so K and C)
and you could even do yours in pink and Champ's in navy?

or you could jsut make me cookies, either way?

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