Saturday, June 19, 2010

Prom Night Layouts

I was hurting for "mojo" and time while working with the June Commit 2 Paper kit. In fact it's still spread out across my workspace in hopes that when the mojo returns I can go back to it, because it really is a lovely kit. Sometimes the ideas just aren't there. I've found it's best not to force them, just let them come in their own terms.

The kit was perfect for working with my senior prom photos though.

June C2P: Prom Nite

Senior prom was a weird experience for me. I was dating a freshman and had some idea in my head that it just wasn't right to take a freshman to prom. (this probably contributed to our eventual break up, but that's a different story.) I decided to enlist the help of my friend who lived in another state (I moved in high school) and he opted to come up to visit and take me. And thus, I took Stumpy to prom.

Funny thing about this friend: we weren't really friends. We'd established this decent instant messenger relationship, but when we were in school together in my old high school? We were mortal enemies. It was just strange. The running joke was that we were meant to be, so when he took me to prom my friends from my old school celebrated (great friends huh?).

June C2P: Flowers for prom
(sorry for the bad quality. I just couldn't get this one to photograph right)

We had fun, I guess, but it could have been better if I actually liked the guy. Or had gone with a guy I liked. I did enjoy some of my classmates snottily asking him where he was going to college and watching their eyes go wide when he answered that he was attending the Air Force Academy. hehe.


Meaghan said...

Two in one day = Amazing! Thanks for the study break, chica. :) Also, I agree with you that a freshman to senior prom = uncool. :P I can't wait until August when I can be crafty again... Maybe I'll get around to making my "Engagement Album" between the bar and work. But that would take me updating the blog... sigh

GMS said...

I particularly like the design of the second one and the way you layered the papers on the first :)

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