Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twilight Anyone?

I am forever amazed at the phenomenon that has come out of these less than brilliant young adult novels.

Every time that I think it's reached it's peak...something else comes out and I can't help but just stare at my computer in wonder and amazement.

Like how a grown woman with a husband can let a book and movie series cripple her marriage. Champ and I joke a lot about who we'd forget we were married for. I think Diane Lane has made his list. Never has it crossed my mind that Edward, nor RPatz of that horrific hair could take me away.

It's even invaded the ivory tower of scrapbooking.

What is the world coming to? Are we really this starved for something? Anything? Perhaps we'd get that human connection (or vampire/werewolf connection) if we were more unplugged?

Though if you listen to Volvo, all that is what to expect in life, provided you have the right car that's apparently vampire and werewolf proof. Good to know right? (I think it warrants pointing out that the title the poster used for that youtube post is: OFFICIAL New Moon- Volvo commercial featuring Edward Cullen (ROB) *so HOT!* and that the user's name is 'xaviersmommy'. Not 'teengurl22' or whatever. This is ridiculous.) Looks like there was a new commercial for each movie.

What can I say though? Can I really judge? Did I not just buy my best friend the New Moon board game with a Twilight card that played music (on the inside it said "how can something so cold be so hot")? Sure they were mostly for jokes but we'll still play, I still paid full price for the card.

I'm still going to see the movie next weekend (after the hype dies down and when yelling at the screen won't really, really piss of the teenagers and twimoms). I'm looking forward to it because Taylor Lautner's legal now, Cameron Bright is precious and frankly I like a guaranteed girls' night every once in a while.

Sure, this year there won't be t-shirts, and probably not Eclipse themed cookies, but that doesn't make me worry about my own sanity any less.

Though I stand strong on one thing: Edward Cullen can barely hold an undead candle to Mr. Darcy.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, yeah you would not believe the number of stamp companies that have twilight-esque stamp sets!! One of the girls on my stamp DT did a 40 days of Twilight cards, and I was so surprised at how many different ones there were! My 11 year old is obsessed with all things Twilight...sigh, I wonder how she will remember all this in a few years. ;)

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