Friday, May 27, 2011

Chatting with Bryan

Early Morning Blues had an impromptu-ish acoustic show at Diesel in Boston. Needless to say I couldn't be there. Not with Cage the Elephant on Wednesday night and work on Friday. Random Thursday trips need at least a week of planning.

V, Rana and Colleen (V and Rana I met at EMB's show back in February, and Colleen is an online BLG fan buddy) were going which meant I had front row twitter/text updates. V kept me updated and even called me during "Never Leave" so I could hear it (died a little).

She texted me that if things went well after she'd have Bryan call. Right, well that'd be awesome, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Just tell him hi for me, tell him I'll see him in June and sure if he wants to talk to me then yeah, but why would he?

About an hour after being called to hear the song, the phone rings with V's name on it.

k: hey what’s up

Bry: hey Katy

k: oh! hey Bry

Bry: oh! you recognized my voice!

That's how it started. With him being surprised that I recognized his voice and him calling me by name. (He has a great speaking voice as well as singing voice. It's a shame he's not the chatty one in BLG). Really I've listened to the EMB EP about 50+ times. I think I was going to recognize it.

He said the show went well for a first acoustic show and said it’s okay that I wasn’t there, it happens. Which was sweet because it's not like I'm living down the street. We gushed about me being there in June. He asked if I was bringing Josh again. He hesitated on the relation ("your brother?") but remembered that I had brought him with me the first time. I thought that was just...really awesome.

My friends and I had talked a little about what he remembers, because he tweeted some girl who was asking if she should drive from Jersey in June to the show in Boston and told her that 'someone was coming from GA'. We (Rana and I) were surprised that he remembered, but he did and now...well he obviously remembers more than we thought. He remembers me not just some person.

He said he really appreciates me coming all that way to see him, that it means a lot. I babbled about it being worth it because they were cool and great and something else that was probably lame.

“You’ve got a lot of friends talking about you here. You’re really missed tonight.”

That made blurt that I felt special and I got a 'good' type assent in response. I had to wonder if he meant himself too, but that's pushing into fan girl territory that I don't need to be in right now. We talked about how it was just three weeks until the show, not long at all.

“I’ll see you soon.” See you soon too Bry.


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