Friday, May 27, 2011

Concert Goings: The Maine (5/20/11)

It's the spring of concerts. I've managed to get myself line up for three good ones this spring/early summer. Hopefully I can add to it as the year goes (there's two later on in the year that I want to see.)

First up was The Maine with Augustana and Austin Gibbs.

Everyone knows Augustana for their song "Boston" and I saw them live forever ago with The Goo Goo Dolls and they were really good. The Maine has fast become one of my new obsessions so I figured, yes, good deal to see both.

Beat Champ there, got there later than I planned, but I always forget that the Masquerade lists what time the doors open on their website, not what time the show starts. Which meant I was just sort of chilling in the sun surrounded by 17 year olds all slutted up (really what is the POINT of a mini skirt and flouncy top at a concert?). That's not fair on the ages, they varied from 14 to 18, but they were all done up cute, with cute hair and outfits. For a show we were about to be pressed together at the Masquerade at. I was in black skinny jeans and a tank top against the heat. Best spot in line I’ve ever had at the Masque though, actually at the front of the building not halfway around the corner.

Out comes John and Kennedy (lead singer and guitarist) and the girls in line were like huh then AHHHHH. I saw some big girl crying and shaking and I thought “whoa…chillax.” I wandered towards them with the Dad in line ahead of me holding my spot, thought about saying hi and then wound up just going back to my spot in line. Called V (my concert buddy from the RI Early Morning Blues show) to talk to her. It was a good way to kill time PLUS it was someone to gush with since I was in line alone. From a distance there was a Pat (drummer) and Garrett (bass/favorite) sighting, but they were headed inside the venue.

Just as they were letting us in Pat comes by with his flip cam and totally got me on video going “wha?”. He has a tendency to record everything. I found myself in the video when it was posted later.

Got in, got a decent spot. When Champ got there he went for water and to get my shirt and bracelet but they were sold out of the shirt in a size I could fit into and then we got separated because he’s not the type to push people out of the way. I stayed surrounded by children which made me feel old and creepy but I ignored it.

First band, Hugo, was good good. I didn’t know their music but they had fun.

Austin Gibbs was awesome and totally threw down. His bassist is way cute and it was just a fun set even though I don’t know the music. Definitely looking into getting the album soon.

Augustana was great as well, though I gotta say…they could have played more old songs. I really like the new stuff, but it blends together and I don’t know it that well so I got lost in it. And they played Boston second. SECOND. Not next to last or something, which was a let down. Halfway through their set the kids got bored and when he played a slow soft one with just the acoustic guitar you could a) hear kids talking (how rude right?) and b) hear the metal band a floor or two lower. (downfall of the Masquerade. I know. Doesn't make me love it any less).

When the Maine came on the place turned into an uproar and it was ridiculous. I was in prime position for Garrett watching (because he is my favorite... and has the most energy) minus the girl in her Dirty Work tour t-shirt who kept standing in my way and shoving her big camera in front of mine (and not seeming friendly about it at all).

I love this face

John was...interesting, but he did keep his shirt on the entire time. And his shirt didn’t deep V to his sternum. He actually looked rather handsome. Pretty sure he said he was high which whatever, that’s his right and he didn’t mess up his music so carry on. I’ve read that the lot of them were drunk, but they seemed fine. Music only got messed up during one song, but I think part of that was Garrett’s bass getting jacked then the crowd singing something wrong. Eventually they were back on par again.


Garrett has awesome stage energy. He bounced around the whole time, rocking out super hard. There were random moments when he’d just streak across my vision, running from one end to the other. He’s so fun to watch that I wound up watching him the whole time.



They seemed to really enjoy themselves, talking about the end of the world, how it was going to be the last show ever because the world was supposed to end the next day. Garrett teased Pat about actually being worried and Pat got all upset and embarrassed. Garrett randomly started screaming at one point b/c John tried to get the crowd screaming and he wound up leaving the whole room just looking at him. I was laughing hysterically. He also had an impressive bit of using the mic stand as a bar on his bass frets which sounded wicked if you know what to listen for rather than get caught up in him dragging the mic stand around.

well i am

Scream Your Heart Out


Overall, really fun. Love the way the floor pitches you up off the ground in the Masque, love the energy of the small venue. Good set, good sound, lot of fun.

After we loitered trying to figure where they’d come out at. Wound up going downstairs outside after spotting Pat and Kennedy. Got Pat to sign my CD insert and got a hug when I asked for it ‘Oh of course!’ He was really super sweet.

Got Kennedy to sign my insert b/c after watching him watch the entire Austin Gibbs set from the wings and seeing his little smirk I decided he’s moved up to #3 spot in my faves.

Went upstairs again in search of Garrett, but found John whom...wasn’t worth the fan girls. Went back down again and there was Garrett!

Got up to talk to him, didn’t even have to wait long. He seemed exhausted to be honest, just worn out, forcing a smile here and there for photos and trying to be nice and friendly when he wanted a nap. He signed my insert and gladly took the photo smirking in it and everything.

kt and garrett

Once that was done he stepped to the new girl, signing her poster, but I had my silly band that I wanted to give him so in a brief moment between girls I was like “Garrett, here” and held it out towards his hand and he was like “oh!” and let me put it on. Then he looked up and was like “For me? Wow thanks.” I nodded and smiled and squeezed his arm once more as I left, telling him he did great. That got a real smile and he said thanks, glad I enjoyed it.

All in all? great night. tons of fun, sweet guys.


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