Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#22 Wrestlemania

As always, I feel like I should start at the beginning here.

I'm only kind of a wrestling fan. Champ was when he was a kid and his best friend Chris was as well. Then they got older, Champ got out of it, and Chris just kept watching, scripted or not. The same way someone watches Days of Our Lives, is how Chris watches wrestling.

When I was still working shifts, Champ started watching so he could talk to Chris about it when I wasn't around. And then he was going to watch pay per views with his friend. After a while it started coming on when I was around, mostly just in between other shows. Now it's DVR'd and we fast forward through the boring parts. I like the drama and costumes and Chris and Champ like to talk about it. It's like Grey's Anatomy for me only with less whining.

When it was announced that Wrestlemania was coming to Atlanta, it was just sort of assumed the three of us would go. Chris has it on his bucket list and who better to go with than his three two friends who did actually follow along wit the storyline. So, because I'm awesome, I found out about the pre-sale party in the park and we went there to score tickets. Because Champ is awesome he scored even better tickets through work so we wound up sitting even closer than expected.

The kids in front of us wound up making the whole thing worthwhile. They cheered for all the "good" guys while we cheered for the "bad" (much to their shock). It was quite fantastic as a whole really.

All in all a great time. So there you go, crossing off #22.


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