Friday, April 8, 2011

Mom is just awesome

My mom cracks me up.

I was on facebook, posting about going home for Easter, trying to find out who's around, what's going on and if there was anything I could be doing that wasn't spending the entire weekend at my mom's house. I don't have a ton of friends back home, so there's no raging social life when I get there, but I do have a few friends, and there's always some concert (given that Cage the Elephant came out of my town, there's always that next big thing waiting) to go to. I also asked about tattoos because my lil brother mentioned ideas for his first ink, and I want to be there when he does it.

Mom saw the post of course, and babbled on about random things about home. Another friend posted about getting ink together and a third mentioned that my friend Dustin (who did my first tattoo) might be in town doing ink again. I might have freaked out.

My mom sees this and responds back with "I know his mom, I'll ask her"

Got an email this morning from mom, forwarded from Jenny, Dustin's mom. Mom had emailed her to ask if Dustin was home 'doing tats' and that I wanted to know. Jenny came back to say no, he's starting a shop in St. Louis, but he does come home occasionally. She'll get me his number so I can call.

Seriously how adorable is that? My mom hates my tattoos, yet here she is trying to help me find my friend.

(I wish someone had been there to witness the conversation from when I told her how I knew Dustin. Eyes bugging out and everything.)


Maggie said...

Haha, that's so nice of your mum to do that! I think that's a good example of having your mum on your fb... thankfully my mum is too busy and too outdated with technology to bother~

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