Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Tower and The Fool

The Tower and the Fool

Bryan Donahue said it best as he was cleaning up after the show. "You're starting to make a thing of this aren't you? Coming up every couple months to Boston for a show." It really has become a thing. I hated that it had been almost two months since the last time I'd been to Boston to see my friends or see any of the local bands.

When Bryan informed us that he was going to be playing The Tower and the Fool, I was excited because I'd seen them before when I went to my first Early Morning Blues show and I really love their music. It's very different from Early Morning Blues, but with the wide array of music I like, it still strikes home. As Rana and i started talking about the show, she knew one of the openers, Daybreaker and Travis of Ghost Thrower told us about Born Without Bones, who also sounded great on their EP.

That was it, we were sold. Work managed to not get in the way and I spent my Wednesday in Boston, visiting a few of my favorite places, spending time with Rana and then getting to see the show that evening. It would be a long day, but hopefully one that was worth it.

The morning spent wandering around Newbury Street was great, including a visit to my current favorite clothing line, Johnny Cupcakes. The Newbury store is excellent, set up like an old bakery, complete with shirts in display cases. Not to mention the staff is completely awesome. They chatted me up about the trip into town and they were pretty excited to hear I was in town to see some local bands play. Can't help it, I love the Boston local music scene.

After that I wandered around some more until Rana was done with class and we had dinner. We made one more stop to Johnny Cupcakes so she could get an umbrella and got a fun "welcome back" when walked in the door. She had one more meeting before we headed out so I took care of getting whatever we needed from her place and then waited until she was done. Once it was time to head out we met up with her friend Colleen, whom I hadn't met yet and walked to Great Scott in Allston.

I was, as I've said pretty excited about the line up. I was more excited though to see Travis from Ghost Thrower walk through the door. Thankfully he seemed just as excited to see me and greeted me with a huge hug and asking if I'd seen Bryan yet. Bryan wasn't there yet, but Travis just shrugged and said he was late.

Born Without Bones was up first and they are just as good live as they are on the album. I was really, really please to hear their sound, and touched that their music seems to mean so much to them. They're definitely "one to watch" and I totally recommend picking up their music off their bandcamp page. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again, and I hope I get the chance. Right now they have a few shows around the New England area already scheduled for November.

Young Statues was up next and they aren't from Boston (out of Philadelphia) , but definitely won over the crowd after a song or two. I really enjoyed their sound, very similar to the other bands playing and I think they got a lot of positive attention. Good lyrics, great sound and wow, really great vocals. For someone who seems to hate all things from Philadelphia (okay just the Phillies and the Eagles) I think I might be converted. Well I still can't stand the Phillies or the Eagles, but I can start making some exceptions.

Daybreaker, like Born Without Bones was just as Rana and I guessed, really good. We were both really excited and I had to laugh when Colleen got two songs in and turned to us with a "you two were right they are good" face and nod. They rocked really solidly and have a great live sound. We really enjoyed the set, one of those ones that you can help moving along to.

It was getting late by the time The Tower and The Fool went on but that didn't stop us from being excited (or me at least). There was a moment late when Chris from the band asked how I enjoyed seeing Bryan play with a new band and I realized that this was the third group I've seen him play with live (though at the time I saw Boys Like Girls I was on the "Paul" side of the stage and hadn't been converted to the wonder that is their bass player yet). As always it never disappoints to see him on stage. They put on a great set, playing a lot of their new music as well as some older songs. They even played "Breach" which has always been my favorite song by them and I really loved it. The crowd knew that one and sang it with them, which was really cool to see with a small band.

I managed to score some more time after the show with Bryan, catching up as he made the comment about me coming up being a thing. We chatted Early Morning Blues a little and he says he's working on new music which I can't wait for. He dropped some lyrics on twitter a few weeks ago and it was good stuff, just like before and I'm excited to see what comes of it.

Another whirlwind trip that had me coming back to Atlanta the next morning, but it was completely worth it as always. I'm already looking to see if there's a chance to go back in early December (maybe to see The Maine on their tour or Anamanaguchi or maybe EMB?) and I can't doubt that I won't be there. Even if their is snow.


David said...

So I live in Boston for two years, and you don't make it up there once. Then I move to NJ, and you're there every couple of months? I see how it is...

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