Thursday, October 27, 2011

Links for Your Thursday

Struggling through that Thursday lull? Turn on some tunes and surf the internet for a bit.

Start with my friend Meag's blog. She's just start to get settled in California after being a big time lawyer in NYC (yes I realize that the brief overview sounds an awful lot like the plot for a tv series or a movie, but I swear it's her real life).

Read up on going against the grain and doing something for yourself if no one else will on Travis of Ghost Thrower fame's blog for Guitar World on desinging and making his own guitars. (Points if you can guess the owner of the bass he mentions.)

Catch up with John Keefe on twitter. He's traveling with his band Empire Kids and taking photos of small town rural America. It's stunning to see what the rockstar cowboy takes in.

Enjoy your more morbid sense of humor with A Softer World, because aren't we all a little dark on the inside?

Happy Thursday!


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