Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo Start!

After a little bit of cajoling from my friend Molly I decided to do National Novel Writing Month. We will see how this pans out, but as i figure it's either going to help me get a jump start on my novel or I'm going to blog a ton in attempts to be 'writing', but not actually working on the book.

I've always wanted to write a book. I've started writing about six since I've graduated from high school (and that doesn't include the ones I started while I was in high school). I never really have the drive for such extended writing though it seems. Online role playing (writing based not WoW based), has helped with on going character development, but in those cases I'm working with someone else so I'm always building off something. I might just drag someone else in to help me with this book as much as I can I suppose.

Still, it's my last and final life goal to actually finish a novel and send it out to get published. Getting published, obviously, would be awesome, but it's more the personal goal of telling the whole story rather than anything else. I won't let the blog get flooded with the novel writing, but I will post some about it.

If you're participating or want to check upon me my profile is here! (username: winglesswarrior).


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