Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We'll Forever Be The Young

I’ve been thinking about this song by Yellowcard “Be The Young”. I’ve been playing it over and over again since the concert and I can’t get enough of it. It’s a beautiful song and it so well describes what it’s like to be at the age group that myself and my friends are in.

We’re starting to grow up, a lot of us are in serious relationships or are starting to look for them. Thos of us in our later twenties are starting to talk about families (some are farther ahead of us than others), or at least consider if that’s what we want. So many of the twenty-somethings are out of college, trying to sort out what our careers will be, discovering how much things have changed from what we learned in college and what we’re facing in the real world.

I’ve posted before about our generation being the lost generation, the ones caught between the cracks and now we have an anthem.

Things weren’t easy for us as kids. Some of us had had it better than others. Some of us weren’t kids of divorce and didn’t run into major issues. Some of us had undiagnosed disorders because people didn’t diagnose disorders unless something drastic happened or you flunked out of school.

Now as young adults we’re faced with growing up and it seems daunting and terrifying. It seems like the last thing any of us what to do, want to be faced with. So many more of us are unemployed or working no-end jobs and thinking “thank god I have a job”. We’re looking for careers, but if I’m anything close to a median for my age group, we aren’t content with what careers are available. The older generation that runs our offices has kept our passions in check, not understand our love of social media, our tattoos, our music, and our hair.

I can handle coverable tattoos (as much as I want my forearms done), I can handle keeping my hair a normal brown color and I can handle, for the most part, keeping my social medias in check (I suck at checking facebook anyway), but stifling my passions is hard for me, like I guess it’s hard for my peers. What’s wrong with loving music or a television show or something else that thrills us? What about that makes us so strange?

We are the young, we’ve always been the young and we’ll be, as Yellowcard says, that way forever. We have it in us, we love hard, we believe in things, and we connect to music, movies and characters. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, even if the younger generation doesn’t understand it, too caught up in instant gratification and the older generation sees it as a waste of time. We will find that place where the pain doesn’t define us, but the love does. I know we will.


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