Sunday, December 30, 2007

busy holiday

Busy busy girl. The holidays were...intense. We had some bumps on the visit home, but that's just how things go sometimes. Sometimes we don't all get along. Oh well. I didn't take anywhere near enough pictures, but mom and little brother took some too so hopefully I can get copies of their stuff and make a full holiday collection.

I've mentioned this in my LJ but I was thinking about starting the 365 self portrait challenge. A self portrait a day for a whole year. I've seen some so of the examples around and about and it's not just all shots of your face or you alone. I've seen shots with friends and some of shoes and outfits and such. I like that idea. Plus it might help two things 1) me take more pictures and 2) me see how much progress I'm planning to make on getting in shape. So here's hoping.

The scrap stuff has yet to be unearthed, but i did get some good scrapbooking done while at home. I finished off two LOs and got some card fronts done for a swap i signed up for. Most of the free time was spent playing with my NEW Cuttlebug though. So yes, now I have both. I'm super happy. My first LOs using them came out way fun. and I love letters so now i have more versatile options with letters. All and all a good deal.

New LOs will hopefully be posted soon. I'll have to pull pictures off my email and then into flickr then on here. I don't know why I don't do it all in one shot but that would make sense or something.

Thinking about those new years resolutions yet? I know a lot of folks were thinking about scrapbooking resolutions (blame the Jan issue of CK) and #s of LOs to be accomplished. I personally would just like to finish a project. But here's the current list of "goals" (I hate "resolutions"; I always feel bad when I don't accomplish them.).

  • Finish a major project (examples: my 2007 album, my Disney album, my mom's book, 2007 travel album, etc)
  • Do at least one LO per week. But if I hit a rut I can let this slide. I like the idea of hitting 52 by the end of the year but there's no use FORCING work.
  • Get in shape. 10 minute mile. (if my foot stops hurting where I broke it when I run. If that keeps up then be able to do four miles in one shot either on ground, treadmill or elliptical.)
  • Post every day to blog spot and LJ.
  • Self portrait every day.

Seems like a pretty solid list so far. Leave me a comment about your goals! (this posting every day is going to force y'all to share more, hah!)


hepmomto3 said...

Good lukc on that list! Gotta make one myself. Wishing you a VERY happy new year!

lara said...

what's this 365 portrait thing?
sounds intriguing.

All your goals sound very doable!
That's the best kind too :)

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