Tuesday, December 18, 2007

moving on up

Actually it's more of a moving down...going to a second floor apartment over a third. Where on earth am i going to get my exercise at ?

Last night i made a valiant effort to move a good sized chunk of scrapbooking stuff. I had a good lot drug over and I made some good progress putting things in places. I'm going to have to completely reorganize when I finally start unpacking, but being forced to put everything somewhere helped a little (granted a bunch of stuff just got shoved into the cricut carrying case...but that's besides the point).

I think i have more stuff than i realize. A full on re-org will be helpful for me to really determine what I have and how to go about using large chunks of it. At least that's the plan. whew.


Auntie Em said...

Actually going through our stash can be scary! So do it with your eyes shut!

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