Thursday, August 26, 2010

A birthday for them all

I blame Meag for not posting much. In her haste to move even farther away from me (is it farther? we should figure that out) she's not been online in days and I'm suffering from withdrawl. Plus she's not posting to remind me to post.

My birthday was Sunday (the 22nd) and what a lovely birthday it was!! I had friends over Saturday night to celebrate, which is always fun. It's fun to see friends from work interact with other friends as well. Sometimes I worry that people from two different parts of my life won't get along, but it did seem to go smoothly.

As for gifts, Gina got me Twilight SceneIt. I deserved it since she got New Moon the trivia board game for her birthday in June. My parents bought me a new IPod Nano that I desperately needed as mine is on it's last breath. It's fun and bright yellow. I love it.

Champ though, he always manages to pull out all the stops. He got me the one things I knew I wanted but would never admit to wanting.

Yes! I am now a proud Slice Owner. I do love this little thing and already used it with my new Commit2Paper kit (September is a lovely kit, not even kidding).

Now if I didn't have to go to work during the day and I could just stay home and play.


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