Monday, October 15, 2012

Music For Monday: Bonaventure

My good friend Kat came home from seeing Cartel the other night and when we met up to debrief about concerts she handed me a CD to check out. "You'll love them."

Oh man she was so right.

Meet Bonaventure, you're new favorite band. I went through one listen and I adore them. It was almost easy to be honest. Their music is beautiful, great lyrics combined with talent, which is always a killer combination. In five haunting songs they had me in their grasp (actually it was more like two songs, but you get the idea).

Don't believe me? Check out "I Dare You" off their Come Hell or High Water EP.

See what I mean? And I will honestly tell you, that's not my favorite song on the EP. This is the music for those of us growing up on our own terms, not someone else's. Add it to the playlist of your life.


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