Friday, October 12, 2012

Q&A: Jocelyn

As I mentioned before I had a chance to meet the guys from Jocelyn, and score this great little Q & A with Alex from Jocelyn. Such a charmer. Enjoy!

Q: Every band has a story, how they went from playing in garages, marching bands, and just trying to impress girls, to being what they are now. What's yours?

Alex: We all had bands through college and, since we've recently graduated, this is our final big push at music. We're one of the only bands you'll find that all has their 4 year degree and we're very proud of that, but we wanted to give music one concerted effort before "growing up" if you will.

Q: What are your biggest inspirations music-wise?

Alex: Anberlin and Mayday Parade are extremely influential bands on us all. 

Q: If you had to compare your sound to someone else's who would it be?

Alex: Cartel, Yellowcard, the Downtown Fiction would be three bands that we sound similar to. 

Q: You guys have been trekking around the US following tours to promote the band, what's been the best part of that so far?

Alex: Being able to meet thousands of amazing people  is easily the best part. Everyone is special and has a story and it never gets old traveling to cities and hearing what people have to say.

Q: In your mind what does Jocelyn have that no one else does?

Alex: Jocelyn exists because people matter and their stories are important. The reason we have a band phone number is because we believe that everybody has a story and its important that somebody is always listening. So, we respond to every single text, voicemail, facebook message, or tweet that we receive. The music we create is simply the medium through which we have decided to reach people and hopefully improve the world, one story at a time.

Q: What's on the horizon for Jocelyn? (There's been rumors of a tour!)

Alex: We are following tours until Thanksgiving, and then hoping to release our sophomore EP early next year, with a potential tour to accompany, but we're in the very early stages and have no details at the moment, unfortunately.

Q: If you could switch places with any 80s movie character, who would it be?

Alex: Ferris Bueller, obviously :)

One more note, that really can't be missed, they mean it when they say things about getting in touch with all their fans. I watched them first hand, walk down a line of kids, talking to all of them, taking as much time as any one person needed. They do care, and they do answer tweets and Facebook messages, and are super prompt with emails. This is a group to get behind for sure. Good people, and I see great things coming down the pipes for them. Make sure you check out their tunes!


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