Monday, October 8, 2012

Music for Monday: Jocelyn

Happy Columbus Day! Though I am guessing most of you are still at work. That's how it usually works right?

That's okay though, I've got something to help shake up your Monday, bring a little light to the gloomy day we're having around here. (What is with fall striking with a vengeance?)

I know stop talking about other stuff and get to the music.

That said, your Music for Monday is one of my favorite small groups of the the Midwest (Iowa specifically), Jocelyn. And trust me, these guys don't disappoint.

Their EP, To You And Yours, is fantastic; something that reminds me of the likes of Cartel and Yellowcard, though all the while sounding like themselves. "Only The Best" is my favorite song on the EP, probably because it's such an anthem of sorts and it has this fantastic piano line at the end (which is probably why I like it so much). I'm such a sucker right? That's not the only reason though, it's that good of a song.

Every other track on the EP is well done, elegant lyrics that have room to grow with the listener, and upbeat (and talented) music backing excellent vocals. What more does a Monday need? If you ever got into The Endless Summer from reading this blog, you'll dig Jocelyn. (Fun fact: the two groups actually know one another.) The sound reminds me more of the original pop punk / pop rock I got into back in high school, holding true to the roots from those days, despite the fact that they are a good few years younger than I am.

Added bonus? These are some of the nicest guys I've met so far. I make a point of focusing on the music, only really getting involved with artists I really respect, and I'm planning on making a habit of supporting both these guys and their music.

I ran into them outside the BLG show in September (more on that later!) and you can too! They've been traveling around the US, promoting their music and are definitely worth having a chat with. Check their facebook page to see where they're at.

Pick up the EP on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify, but definitely check it out. You won't regret it. And keep looking here, I've got more from these guys coming up this week.


Kat said...

Everyone should also know that these guys are incredibly connected to their fanbase, and even go as far as calling them friends not fans.

They have a band phone number where they want to hear about you and your story. Message them about whatever whenever.

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