Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's not my fandom...

I haven't posted in almost a week, and I feel bad about that. I've been too busy to scrapbook, and i spent so much time cleaning up last weekend for our twilight party that I didn't have the heart to pull everything out again to scrap on Sunday.

I know you're all stuck and pointing at that one line up there with the word "Twilight" in it. I might as well explain myself.

I read the first book for a book club meeting two summers ago. Not a big deal, I'd picked up the book before (long before it was this huge thing) and put it back down, thinking "this has potential because it's about vampires, but it also looks sorta lame."

I read the first book with ease, thinking Edward was the shit (excuse my language), despite his sparkling nonsense and the total bastardization of one of the coolest supernatural creatures there is. I'm an Anne Rice fan, so in some ways a vampire purest. The second book was miles better, and if anyone's ever had their heart broken she hits it hard, nail on the head sort of thing. I totally sort of jumped on the "Team Jacob" band wagon here. I mean who wouldn't love a guy who cares enough about someone to be there for her even when she doesn't deserve it? I certainly can't think of anyone.

Book three broke my heart and really sealed the deal between me and the Jacob character. He lays a line on Bella about them being soulmates and she knows he's right but still picks the guy who reminds her of cold marble anyway. Speaking from experience? Cold marble is only a relaxing feeling when you're having a migraine or puking your guts out after binge drinking.

Book four...well let's pretend Breaking Dawn didn't happen, how about it? By the end of the book I wanted every character to die, and was greatly displeased when that was not the case.

Still my girlfriends and I have evolved with this stupid fandom. It's everywhere. The huge displays at Borders, the internet is crawling with it. Tattoos, cakes, everything. Bonnie's the true fan. She enjoys it, more than she'd admit it, and she goes to the events with hardcore fans (although I did attend the Twilight panel at DragonCon, but I was drug there by someone else). Gina's like me, we have this love hate relationship with the books, because they were fun to read, but by no means some sort of great work of literature. Sadly book-wise Gina's still Team Eddy, which upsets me.

Jacki's my favorite though. Girlfriend hasn't even read the books. She's seen the movies with us, gotten the entire story from us via telling and now she's just as involved as we are. We sent out goofy photos and demotivational posters when we find them. We laugh at Robert Pattinson's (RPatz) in ability to wash his hair. We mock Kristen Stweart (well...I try not to because I love that girl even if she is boring as all get out in the movie), we drool over Taylor Lautner.

We are fans. As much as we hate the fans, we know we're fans. We're at the movie opening weekend in "Team Jailbait" tshirts, that I designed. We had our DVD release party Saturday night, which was really just an excuse to drink and mock the whole thing. And yet...we perpetuate the whole thing don't we?

You know what though? I know that when Eclipse is released in June, I'm promised a girls night and when the DVD comes out around Christmas (which I'm sure it will), Champ will leave the house for a night and I can get snockered with my girlfriends giggling at RPatz's painted on abs and Taylor's oh so real ones. So is it truly that bad? Probably not.


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