Monday, January 3, 2011

A fresh start

New Year's turned out to be the best yet. Champ and I wound up at a makeshift party with our best couple friends (Dave & Jacki and Dan & Gina). We watched the newest Family Guy Star Wars installment, yelled at the television because none of us like Ke$ha and rung in the new year with champagne and Rock Band 3. Of course Dan and Gina hadn't downloaded anything by Boys Like Girls so I opted not to sing (and am now curious if I can get that for Guitar Hero...).

I've taken on a new challenge for the new year, in addition to the rest of my lists. I've joined up Ali Edwards' online One Little Word course. The plan is to spend the year with monthly prompts, exploring how one word can incorporate itself into your life.

Of course, this means I had to pick a word which gave me a bit of headache for a while. I love words. That's a whole portion of the memoir I'm working on (words and tattoos), but for the life of me I was stuck.

Little did I know, I was stuck for all the wrong reasons. I'm still working on my canvas panel which of course I'd already picked a word for, but that word didn't even enter my mind until I walked into my creative space and saw the plain green panel sitting there. Go. (you idiot)

So GO it is for the year.

GO out there and do something.
GO and take that risk.
GO on (and on and on).
GO forth.

Of course inspiration also comes from this song, which is amazing. (I have no way to check and see if this version is any good, but it's acoustic and I feel like it might be amazing)

Martin, the singer, has been quoted in saying this about it:

"If you’re stuck, get out. Go do it. I’ve been stuck sometimes, and the best feeling in the entire universe is saying 'I’m going to have the confidence to go do this, I’m gonna have the confidence to take the chance.'"
and this (pull out your tissues)
"I’ve had probably 20-25 people off this record come up and say that I’ve saved their or their friends’ lives from writing the song 'Go' off this current record. It’s about really digging yourself out of depression, moving on and finding a way."
It's perfect. I love it. And the word for the new year. Look back for updates


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