Sunday, June 12, 2011

Atlanta Indie Craft Experience Summer Market

Cressie, my lil sister in my sorority, was in town this weekend. We'd already planned to thrift shop in Atlanta's Little Five Points, but she sent me a link at the last minute to the Indie Craft Experience Summer Market and we tweaked plans to be there instead.

ICE Summer 2011 Postcard front

I'm a sucker for these sort of things, and I was more than excited to get up early, get there in time to be among the first 250 and get our swag bags as well as just to see everything.

Being a crafter myself, I've always loved to see what others can do with the trade. As expected there was plenty to see and do, as well as drool over. I know so little about the craft industry here in my hometown, finding myself mostly immersed in what I find online rather than down the street.

One of my favorite artists, one I found first at Dragon*Con this past year was there and I spent my usual time drooling on his quirky artwork. I did tell him though that I'd seen him at D*Con as well and he got excited that I remembered who he was.

So many other little juicy tidbits here and there, but I'll harp on who I got things from. If you're interested, be sure to look through the links at Indie Craft Experience Atlanta because there is much that is so awesome.


I've been searching for the perfect Father's day gift and I managed to find it! This great birdhouse made of license plates done by Stress The Seams was perfect. Dad collects birdhouses and being a former resident of Georgia it's just fitting.


When the girl from The Small Object handed me the little handwrapped package I was so surprised. It's beyond cute, and part of me didn't want to open it.


The stamps inside though are too cute not to get my hands on.


I haven't mentioned it yet, but my honorary little brother and his wife just found out they are having a baby boy (they just found out it's going to be a boy) and I couldn't pass up sending them this cute blanket with airplanes on it from Orangeberry Baby. Just the first of many things for little Peyton Michael I think.


I got this lovely charm necklace from Talulah B.. It's the perfect gift for a special someone.


Last but not least I couldn't resist these cute buttons from sweetie pie press. Perfect little tidbits for good friends.


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