Saturday, August 27, 2011

Music on Repeat

There's been loads of new music headed my way and I think I'm due and update for what's on repeat on the iPod these days.

The Cab

The Cab has been around for quite a while, long enough that the release date between their old album and the one that came out 8/23 was too long for anyone to wait. I, luckily, jumped on the band wagon way after the fact and only had a few months between getting more than one track off Whisper Wars and the release of Symphony Soldier.

That said, SS was totally worth any wait. I picked up a pre order last week so I got the download the night the CD came out (my birthday night!) and I haven't stopped listening to it since. Every single track is good and I haven't said that about an album since the Boys Like Girls Love Drunk album and before that it was probably the last Matchbox Twenty Album. It's high praise.

Songs to check out
Vegas Skies - This song is amazing. Breathtaking even and the reason I liked the band in the first place.
Bad - this is the new single off the new album. Tons of fun

Ghost Thrower

I've talked about Ghost Thrower before because I've seen them twice now with Early Morning Blues, but I haven't chatted about them too much. I picked up their CD/t-shirt bundle last week (early birthday present to myself was all this music) and I must say, it's awesome. Loud and kinda angry, but it's still really well put together. Proof that an entire genre of music isn't dead or over commercialized.

Songs to check out
The EP only has five songs on it all of which are great, but I love the lyrics for I Never Damned You .

Taylor Locke and The Roughs

I came across Taylor Locke and The Roughs mostly by chance (and a year after the fact). Champ and I were watching old episodes of "The O.C." and there's an entire episode about going to a Rooney concert. I loved that when I saw it because I got into Rooney about a year before their first album because they were randomly on MTV2 at some point and the lead singer was in Princess Diaries. Complicated I know. I looked up their website while we were watching the show, just curious what they were up to, if they were touring and saw a news update for Taylor (the guitarist) and his new band's tour. I was a little surprised to see that but started researching and fell in love.

I can't explain properly what kind of sound they have. It's a lot like Rooney minus the synth, but there's something else tossed in there that's not Rooney and more...Death Cab for Cutie? Whatever it's all good.

I picked up one of the albums on iTunes and ordered a physical copy of the second. It was fun getting it (on my birthday!) because it came in this hand addressed envelope. That always makes me smile for some reason.

Songs to check out
Jennifer - first song I heard and I was in love.
Reach for the Sky


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