Monday, August 29, 2011

Recapping 27 Before 28

Okay, so I didn't do a good job. I did a good job in trying to live, in experiencing new things, but I didn't do a good job getting through my 27 Things Before 28 list.

Let's go through what I did at least somewhat accomplish:

2. Re-design blog and become a real blogger
I didn't end up redesigning my blog, but I think I have been blogging far more regularly, especially after Meaghan found time to blog as well. (She's good, as always, at keeping me on task). I've also been running a Cage the Elephant tumblr. It's something.

5. Read 12 books
I actually got through well more than 12, and accomplished this earlier in the year. I was pretty darn proud to be honest.

6. Get a new camera
The idea had been to save and get a DSLR, which didn't happen. I'm still thinking it could if I could get better about saving money for longer and not having to spend it on getting my or Champ's car fixed. I did get a new old camera though, which counts in a way.

It's my mom's Pentax that uses REAL film. It's in dire need of a tune up though. Hoping to get it into Wolf Camera soon.

9. Go see a concert in another city
This one I did back in March when I went up to Providence to see Early Morning Blues play the first time. I've been to another city two other times now (Boston) to see them play again. I think I can cross it off three times?

10. Visit 3 cities for fun!
Sadly I only got to one city for fun. But for work I did get to see Seattle, the surrounding Los Angles area, Frankfort (Germany), Gainsville, Texas and a few more. It's been interesting to say the least

11. See Boys Like Girls twice
Alright, this didn't work out as planned. My band's hiatus through the winter lasted through the summer as well (and is still on going), but I'm counting the three times of seeing Early Morning Blues as following them enough.

14. Wrist tattoo
I had it in my head to get my tattoo, which I finally did. I got to show it off at camp while I was there and got a lot of compliments on it. Everyone loved it.

15. Design back tatto
Okay so i didn't really design my tattoo outside of some research, but at this point it should be noted that I did get another tattoo, which might not have been the intent, but it's still really cool and something accomplished.

16. Make someone something special
My Christmas gifts for my friends definitely counted as this. I also made Bryan more than one bracelet as thank yous and I adore you gifts.

18. Visit Meag, Dave, Bob and Ally in NYC
I didn't accomplish this and it's possibly my biggest fail. I let Dave leave NYC (though he's headed back to that area soon) but Meag and Ally are moving too. Not sure if Ally will go back, but Meag definitely won't. Sheesh.

22. Wrestlemania
This was easy because we already had tickets to go, but I have to admit it was a ton of fun.

Only 9 completed. That's just sad. Oh well. There's always next year right? I'll start on another list soon enough.


Meaghan said...

I forgot I was #18... Argh. Would have totally gone Catholic guilt on you and you WOULD have come, so help me. ;)

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