Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Just Kept Getting Better

I'm a pretty big fan of continuing to celebrate my birthday long after the actual day and this year it proved to be an entire week of celebrating.

My birthday was on Monday the 22nd, like in my post and of course it was a really great day. Tuesday was a standard day, nothing too eventful going on other than enjoying some down time with Champ and avoiding the gym like the plague.

Wednesday right before lunch my friend at work Amy messages me on our work instant messenger and asks if I had plans for that night and if I liked Guster (the band) at all. I jumped out of my seat because, yes sure who went to college in the early 2000s and didn't like Guster, but I knew what she was asking about. Guster is touring with Jack's Mannequin and they were playing in Atlanta. Amy had gotten tickets through work and had thought they were for Saturday. Finding out they were for Wednesday messed things up, plus she didn't really know either band. I of course jumped on the tickets and drug Champ and David James with me. (More on the concert in a later post.)

Thursday Champ and I hurried from work, fought traffic and the Atlanta Marta transit system to get downtown for Cirque du Soleil. (I am, again, infinitely jealous of people who live in cities with public transit system that work properly and don't have 18 minutes between trains during rush hour) We were late which was upsetting and didn't get to our seats until after the first act, but it turns out our seats were front row center. I almost died a little. I've never been close enough to really see costumes or make up or anything. Dralion is an amazing to show to go with that and probably now one of my favorites. Champ gets mad props for that one, mad props. I'm going to have to start planning his birthday celebration months in advance to live up to it.

Friday we headed back to Kentucky to visit my parents for the weekend. We had a few others things going on (like a baby shower for family friends), but squeezed some birthday celebrating in there. Home isn't the best place in the world, but it's always interesting to go back. I'm still on the fence about my parents selling the house they live in now (where I had my wedding reception), but it's a good move for them. I love the house, but it's too big for two people.

Last but not least, my birthday gift from Heather finally showed up over the weekend for me to get on Sunday when we got home from Kentucky. She got me an official Venture Guitars t-shirt. They make custom guitars (and is co-owned by Bryan Donahue, personal hero). I've wanted this shirt for forever but hadn't gotten it for myself. So I was very stoked.

venture guitars


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