Monday, April 12, 2010

just playing along

A few of the blogs I read have been passing around little meme's where you fill out info about yourself. I figured it couldn't hurt to play along (since I don't have photos of the cards I made last night to post yet).

List 10 things that make you happy and 5 bits of trivia about yourself.

hmm 10 things that make me happy...

1. A google reader with more than 10 posts to read and a gdocs with at least three updates
2. being lazy on a sunday with Champ
3. Good food + good friends
4. Cheesy movies (ranging from kid movies to silly romantic comedies)
5. a good song on in the car right before you get where you're going
6. warm sunshine through an open window of a car
7. new artsy supplies (even new adhesive makes me happy)
8. hugs
9. anything involving one of my best girlfriends.
10. shopping successfully (good deals, finding just what you were looking for etc)

5 fun things about me...

1. I have four tattoos, but Champ has none.
2. I reconnected with an old friend last fall and I feel like even though we missed about five years of each other's lives (longer?) nothing's changed. We're still booty dancing in my dorm room freshman year to avoid studying.
3. I think I got more out of reading old Manga books I dug out of a box and watching an animated movie this weekend than anything else. (This probably means I haven't changed much since being a high schooler.)
4. I've always wanted someone to write a song or a poem about me. (I think someone MIGHT have written a poem about me once, but I'm not sure)
5. My favorite part of an airplane ride is always take off.



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