Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tim and Beth Save the Date Photos

Tim, Champ's brother, and his fiance, Beth, have an engagement photo session planned, but they are getting closer to when they wanted to send the Save the Date cards out and were wondering if while we were at the beach for the Fourth if I could take a few shots, see what comes out and maybe give them some fodder for the cards. I have to say, I'm pretty proud with how some of these came out.

Tim and Beth 16

Tim and Beth 15

Tim and Beth 13

Tim and Beth 14
This one is my favorite. I think it's very them.

Tim and Beth 11
This one isn't right because he wasn't supposed to be holding his cup (he wasn't going out there without a drink), but I snapped it anyway and just really love it. They live near Tybee Island and are beachgoers, so for me, I think this is about as candid as it gets.

Tim and Beth 12

Tim and Beth 10
(how romantic!)

Tim and Beth 9

Tim and Beth 6

Tim and Beth 8

TIm and Beth 3
Beth thought I was crazy when I had her and Tim stand in front of this grated door and red building. I love it though and when she took a peek at my camera later, she agreed.

Tim and Beth 4
Definitely another favorite.

Tim and Beth 2

Tim and Beth 1
The last two probably won't work, but I do love the way they came out.


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