Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tattoo Ideas: Believe

I've shared my favorite Boys Like Girls song before, but I can't resist sharing it again since it's pertinent.

This version is an acoustic one Martin (the lead singer) did and it's stunning. It's my favorite version of the song I think.

I've loved the lyrics from the first time I heard it, finding that kind of hauntingly beautiful that comes with words that ring so true. They are the gut wrenching, but at the same time a wonderful bit of advice for getting through the things in your life that hold you back, that keep you from moving on. There's one line though, one that's gotten me from the first time I heard the song:

believe your body can mend

The whole verse is lovely, but that's the part that I like the best.

Self harm comes in different forms I've learned over the years and with that I've been given a giant list of reasons why I have the issue in general, from depression, to anxiety to obsessive compulsive disorder. I'm still not sure which it would have been as I've struggled through all three, but I do know I've done enough damage to my skin to leave scars on my arms.

In this vein I realized I really wanted these words and more importantly I wanted them on my arm, the source of the problem. I've been thinking in an elaborate kind of script on the inside of my right arm (opposite the birds). I like it as a reminder that pain heals, that damage can be overcome. As humans we're resilient creatures that can heal, we can get better. We will get better. I will get better. I am better.


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